Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Excuse me, where's the toilet?

Some days ago, when I was once again giving praises to autumn, I wrote about the wonderful knitwear of Yokoo. But I forgot to mention one item in her shop that actually is my favorite: THE STRONG GIRL SHIRT. I like, like, like.

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010


I visited Nina sagt. Art Gallery today to see the current exhibition of NOMAD, the multifunctional artist from Berlin. This was a very special project, as NOMAD painted the walls of Nina.sagt in 24 hours with his I-freak-out-about-his-creativity-freestyle-drawings. 'No way back' is about how the smallest decisions can change our whole life, how short-time-actions have long-time-effects.
I really like, that he used all spaces of the walls, even the corners and angles. Artists who draw, paint, think outside of the lines are the best (ok, otherwise, there'd be no art, really). It's what I did in art-class back in school and I always got bad marks for being untidy...

I am really curious about the next Nina.sagt exhibition with Klas Ernflo from Barcelona/Sweden.
Sneak Peak:

P.S: My fave is "True dogs show no shame"

And I forgot to mention that you could get a tattoo from Lionheart at the opening of the exhibition - unfortunately I wasn't there... check out the video!

And the Golden Microphone goes to....

We're in the middle of music week, people. To stick to the tradition, that the climax of a story is in the middle of it, I present: The Australian musician/singer/songwriter (Megan) Washington.
It may seem to be the usual pop-stuff, but her style and her hair - and of course the music, the melody, the voice the most lovely videos and the lyrics - how can you not be enchanted by this:

Charlie, i think you were right.

This bluebird in my heart it sinks, it sinks. all night.

and all the rich kids freaked me out,

you know they gave me quite a fright.

baby teeth and fire bites.

(Rich Kids)

Or, to say with Megan's mum's words: “Megan’s record is very good, and we’re very proud of her”


We all remember the secret silent hero of The Addam's Family, the THING.
Now you can have one ore a hundred of them in your bathroom, Foliage made it possible. I would use them for decoration only, of course. How could I wash my hands with hands? And to take it to the top, they are HANDmade. Sort of cRRReepy... but I want it.

P.S.: I hope not all of the displayed goods in her shop are just body parts...


Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Who cares what I said yesterday?

One day I say 'I hate Western when there's no Terrence or Bud in it'.
The other day I change my mind and I have to see a Western, in this case The Coen Brother's 'True Grit'. I have to say, it is only because of The Dude and because I recently bought a cardigan that reminds me of Indians because of the pattern and the desert-like-colours - and so I'm in the mood for a western.
Do you get it? NO? Why??

(Out on Christmas Day in the US, January 14 in the UK, January 13th in Germany)


Poor Flowergirl

Well, that's not really what she is.
But I wonder how long Eliza Doolittle will stay with us. She's kind of a Lily-Allen-Amy-Winehouse-without-the-drugs version. I like her songs, her natural style and her cute voice. I really love the Whitney Houston cover from 'It's not right, but it's okay' - but I hope she's not just another short-time-birdie (I've just invented this word).
We'll see...check out her blog.

Montag, 27. September 2010

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu, Kenzo!

Happy 40th Birthday, Kenzo!

Jason is my little coconut

Any Fun - Coconut Records - Music Video

COCONUT RECORDS | MySpace Music Videos

Did you notice? It's music week, folks.
And love week, too. Because I love Jason Schwartzman. I really do. How couldn't I?
He's the only member of his band. I like independent guys.
Sorry, what did I want to say? Ahh, yes. It's music week.

And thanks to Anna and Fenke I found out today about Jason's band Coconut Records (no, lovers don't have to know everything about each other, we still have our own lives! -man, I'm really behind time, am I not?)
His music reminds of Garden State or the Wes Anderson soundtracks, which I really like a lot, needless to say.


It's not a must-have but it's nice to have a song or even a band if you are in love.
Me and my blog we found both. (I mean, the name alone...)

Maybe I'm a late bloomer but I've only listened to this two songs of Pony Pony Run Run. The French electric-pop people are already on the market since 2009. Whatever, I like how they sometimes sound like A-HA, and the french accent - oh la la!

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Sunday, lazy Sunday

We were in a very nice café in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of our city. But that's not what I want to talk about. Today was all about FOOD. The yummy-hot wasabi-cucumber-crepes and the figs au gratin with goats cheese were di-vine. And so were the chocolate and the cheesecake :)
On our way home we came past this old store, maybe a former toy store? Anyway, I liked the ugliness and the ice cream.


I haven't been to a party for a veeeery long time. Not because there was none, just because I didn't want one.
This song (thanks to my friend from Sweden and Nylon Magazine Korea) and the crazy freaking girl in the video make me wanna go again. To say it with Robyn's words: 'I came to dance not to socialize' - just drink, dance, drink and leave.


I guess I don't need to explain, why I am thinking of marshmallows right now.
The dutch designer Lenneke Wispelwey creates ceramic goods that look as if they could be swimming in milk. I especially love the combination of pastel colours and gold.
And like marshmallows used to be medicinal candy in the nineteenth century, one or two or three of Lenneke's works could heal the empty spaces of my appartment. I'll check out her studio on my next trip to The Netherlands.

Mark Oct. 23-31 on your calendar, you can visit her during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Samstag, 25. September 2010

How mindmaps work.

Woodie Guthrie, pencils are made of wood, pencils write words, words can be as mighty as swords, swords kill people - et voilà , that's how things connect.

You and Me, The Royal We is a product line created by three guys from Brooklyn. Whenever they think of something that doesn't exist yet, they figure out a way to make it. I push the 'like'-button for that.

Be My Early Valentine!

Who doesn't know them: couples that are so close an always together, always showing their love and caring for each other, having the same hobbies and opinions, clothes and friends - I just realize I don't know such a couple. But I've heard of them.
If you are lucky to be either in a healthy relationship or single, give this lovely greeting card from Owly Shadow Puppets to the one you love (great if it's yourself).

I want to ride my bicycle

...and instead of glitter throw around these nice colurful cards from The Craft Pantry.

I can imagine: me on my bike in slomo, the background music is Cake's 'Wheels', a happy smile on my face, everybody else smiling and catching my cards saying 'I am so glad I am not you'.

Trial and no error

Are you into the try-something-new-everyday-strategy?
Yesterday I was and I went to the Apollo Theatre to see Burlesque (to make it really new I should have DONE it myself, but that's another day's trial). I'm a bit bored by rockabillies, -bellas and the whole style of the movement, but I have to say, it was great!
Not only seeing well formed, wonderfully tattooed boys and girls with small tits and sexybacks, it was a very entertaining Varieté in the style of The Roaring Twenties. Great singer and musicians, goofy comedians and a lot of glamour.
Trial for today:
Cleaning the flat with enthusiam with sexy moves in my underwear -


Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

To Go Bananas

I love this expression.
I did it after seeing Julia Gartland's yummie recipe for Peppermint Frozen Banana’s with Chocolate Coconut Shell on, and I think I will do it when I taste them in real life after making them with my own two hands!
I mean- HELLO? Banana, coconut, mint AND chocolate?
My mouth waters while I'm typing, I'll let you know if I survived the explosion of taste.


Next saturday Gina Tricot will open one of their first stores in germany in MY HOMETOWN!
I'll be there, so please don't let it be boring! (because most of the stuff seems so familiar to me...)

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

(and all the girlies say) I'm pretty fly for a striped guy

I think I have to overcome my aversion to sing on the streets for money. Or maybe someone will give this awesome Marc Jacobs Bag to me for Christmas?
I don't think so.
So either I'll sing on the streets and happily walk away with it or rob a bank, end on the streets and use it as a cushion.
However - I love it!

(via RIFLE blog)

Allez, hop!

When I was little I used to collect little things and put them away into secret boxes just to look at them, hold them and turn them around from time to time.
And I know that Daphnée, Félicie et Georgette would have lived there happily ever after.
I will open up a box again, as soon as I find a nice one.
Après-vous, mademoiselles!

(get them on Etsy in ZIME's shop)

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

It's all about vowels

'ooohhh', 'aaaahhh', '(w)o(h)oooo' and '(w)o(w)eeeee' were some of the things I said, when I saw Yellena James drawings. They have got e-ve-ry-thing I like: a lot, a lot, a lot of colour, chaos, imagination, soft and strong lines.
As you may have guessed, I am the proud owner of the picture above. I bought another one, cause I couldn't decide and I gave one to my sister.
And her paintings are so beautiful, too... AND you should check out her blog, she has a lot of interesting projects, too (shoe design for Keds, shades design for Schoolhouse Electric Co)....

OK, will somebody stop me please, otherwise my boyfriend gets jealous!

To Mr Frankenstein in Creepy Lane

Halloween's close, so take your time to scare your dearest ones.
Well, certainly not with these lovely invitations from Rifle Paper Co.
BUT - you could invite them to an awfully scary party.

Yeah, well, you know what I mean....


(via Bloesem Kids)

Pls look back in anger!

I get mad everytime I read the following sentence: "this fucking video is fucking not availabe in your country because it belongs to fucking Sony Music, EMI or whatever!"

Raise your hands if you don't.

Thank You <3, Robert Poulsen for turning all of this madness into art!


Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Drink me!

...said the invisible tag on this yummy kefir-cranberry-rasberry-shake.

I am so happy I didn't shrink (I would have been invisible, too).

Samstag, 18. September 2010

Who said, rainy days were grey???

As long as these adorable illustrations brighten up my living-room-walls, I don't have to fear the rainy days. Ashley G is a very talented illustrator from Portland, check out her etsy shop!!

I love all of her little girls, boys and monsters, some of them made me smile pathetically...

Things that belong together...

...will someday get together.
I bought the little flower-painting on a fleamarket some time ago, but i never found a good space for it in my flat. Our broken-and-never-to-be-fixed piano is the perfect space. Even more perfect in combination with the nice postcard my dearest friend from Belgrade gave to me.

(pls excuse the pictures, i am not much of a photographer ;))


Schon wieder eine Lampe. Ich kann nichts dafür, wir sind vor ein paar Wochen erst umgezogen und es fehlen viele viele Lampen. Auf der Suche nach Ihnen begegnete mir auch dieses (natürlich) skandinavische Schmuckstückchen von Vibeke F. Schmidt für das dänische Label Normannn Copenhagen. Rund und bunt. Hach....

And again, it's a lamp. We moved a few weeks ago and still need to find a lot of lamps. While searching I found this nice scandinavian (what else?) treasure. Vibeke F. Schmidt made it for the danish label Normann Copenhagen.

Donnerstag, 16. September 2010


Die Designer hinter Tom Dixon haben sich auf die Fahne geschrieben, die britische Möbelindustrie wiederzubeleben. Als ich diese wunderschön-warmen Kupfer-Bubbles gesehen habe, bin ich auch vor Begeisterung kollabiert. Tom Dixon, I need First Aid!!!

The design and manufacturing company Tom Dixon is on 'a mission to revive the British furniture industry'. The moment I saw this wonderfully warm Copper-Bubbles, I fainted because I couldn't take their beauty. Tom Dixon, I need First Aid!

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Sags auf eine nette Art...

Die Wahrheit ist manchmal hart. Aber man kann sie nett verpacken.
So wie The Pudding Store mit diesem wunderhübschen Schmuck.
Die französiche Designerin Sabine Cayet Tucci hat in Paris studiert und lebt in den USA. Sie hat nicht nur einen Schmuck-Shop, sondern verhökert auch feine Vintage-Dinge. NICE!!!

The truth can be very hard sometimes, so why not wrap them up in something nice - like the french-born Designer Sabine Cayet Tucci did. She studied in Paris and is living in the USA now, working with her Jewellery and Vintage Shops.

Fast Food

Feigen, Ruccola, Ziegenkäse, Walnüsse - Ging schneller als die Tiefkühlpizza, die ich zuerst in der Hand hatte :)

(und sieht schöner aus...)

Figs, Ruccola, Goat Cheese, walnuts - faster than the pizza I wanted to buy first (and much more beautiful...)

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Lasset den Herbst beginnen!

Ja, es ist wahr, ich liebe den Herbst. Gut, Dauerregen ist jetzt nicht mein Favorit aber ich red ihn mir schön mit bunten Blättern, heißer Schokolade und dickem Strick.
Und bei milderen Temperaturen tuts auch mal ne Strickkette.

Et voilà - Danke an Yokoo

Yes, it's true - I love autumn. Okay, I'm not talking about constant rain, but I do love the colourful leaves, hot chocolate, and cozy knitwear.